1795629_10152340511214058_2624193427143866433_nThe DMC 175S is distinctive for its broad width seam, impressive structural capabilities and easy Snap Lock installation. Featuring a 1-3/4″ seam height, this continuous interlocking engineered roof system has a concealed fastener and clip application that allows thermal movement and requires no mechanical seaming to ensure weathertight integrity. The installation is simple and quick, yet it withstands extremely high design pressures and is approved for use on Weather Tightness Warranty projects.

Available widths:                                                                  

12″, 14″, 16″ or 18″            

                                   DMC 175S                 

Drexel Metals design pressures, wind uplifts and test reports are for specific deck attachments, material gauges, clip spacing and panel widths. A complete specification and listing is available online at www.drexelmetals.com

Finishes and product warranty: 

Available in a variety of coatings and colors by Valspar. See theDrexel Metals color card for standard colors and paint specifications. 35-Year Non Pro-rated PVDF Paint Warranty.

Can be installed over open frame steel purlins, steel decking, steel decking with PolyIso or plywood decking.